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~ Artist support/support system ~


"Stars," "artists," and "musicians" have been nurtured by Patronagio (Patron/Tanimachi) since ancient times.

It has left many great works, structures and achievements.

In Japan, it means financial support to classical artists such as Kabuki, Sumo, and Bunraku, as well as musicians, painters, and sculptors in the history of music and art.

Modern patronage

Supporting the growth of "selling artists"

Financially support the activities of "talented people" and "people who have the potential to shine in the future"

It can be the whole unit or just one artist.

We are looking for someone to walk with us.

・*:...O♬*°・*:...o♬*°・*:..o o♬*°

We will use the funds you have provided so that the talents can push forward with their entertainment activities.

◉ Talent's cost of living, rent, transportation, lesson fee, costume fee, makeup fee, etc.

◉ Original music, music video production costs, original goods production costs, one-man live, dinner show holding costs, etc.

◉ What makes other entertainment activities useful

The amount of support is very important.

1. Please contact us for your support

Please tell us your name (avatar name) and member name you want to support from the inquiry form

2. Please transfer with the member name you want to support and the real name or avatar name

*Please use the name that appears on the receipt.

*Enter the "Group name" for the entire group

  Ex) Lip/Ten-ten

Ex) Tensen/Ichirou Suzuki

3. Issue receipt

We will clearly indicate the amount of funds you have received to the member and issue a receipt with the member's confirmation sign

Thank you message card included

4. Mail your receipt

The receipt will be mailed to you at the designated address, or you can send it as a copy.

Seibu Shinkin Bank Harajuku Branch

Normal 2111704

Vocal company, Inc.

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