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Artist Co., Ltd. manages the video distribution service SHOWROOM and the real stage .

SHOWROOM event grand prix achievements.

We are also looking for distribution artists.

SHOWROOM Grand Prix / 1st / 2nd / Special Jury Prize


[Movie / TV / Radio / YouTube]

◉tvk Kanagawa terrestrial weather navigator audition! Grand Prix

◉ OA at all TBS affiliated Chugoku-Shikoku stations! Terrestrial special number reporter & TV commercial appearance Grand Prix

◉ OA at all TBS affiliated Chugoku-Shikoku stations! Mini PR program & TV commercial narracion appearance Grand Prix

◉ TBS series, itv Ai TV special program corner CM & mini program MC performer audition! Semi-Grand Prix

◉ Kansai TV Music Program "Gutto Music" Corner Reporter Audition! Grand Prix

◉ Kansai TV terrestrial TV drama appearance audition! Semi-Grand Prix

◉ Terrestrial TV commercial / program appearance! "Toyota Gosei Rink" 2020 Official PR Supporter Semi-Grand Prix

◉ Co-starring a terrestrial variety TV program with a popular comedian! Assistant audition! Grand Prix

◉ Promote RBC Ryukyu Broadcasting Professional Baseball Okinawa Camp! Terrestrial TV "Mangrove MTG" Appearance Audition Semi-Grand Prix

◉ Co-starring with TV Aichi New York Kojima! Special program guest performer audition 3rd place

◉ Me-Tele terrestrial TV program "Miss Shiritai" Regular Assistant Audition 2nd

◉ OA at all stations in the Kyushu / Okinawa area! Mini program MC & TV commercial appearance event! First place

◉ Fukushima & Niigata location! Terrestrial TV Program Navigator & CM Appearance Audition Special Jury Prize

◉ Broadcast on all Fuji TV series [Chugoku / Shikoku]! Assistant reporter appearance audition! Special Jury Prize

◉ OA at all TBS affiliated Chugoku-Shikoku stations! Terrestrial special program appearance & mini program MC & CM appearance! First place

◉ Co-starring a popular entertainer on a terrestrial variety TV program! Assistant audition! First place

◉ Right to appear in the movie "# Hojozu Cantata" exhibited at the Okinawa International Movie Festival Grand Prix

◉ SHOWROOM frame [Final] Kansai TV terrestrial TV drama appearance audition! First place

◉ Appeared on TV Tokyo "Dogenzaka Connection"

◉ TV TOKYO "Dogenzaka Connection" idea! Hinatazaka46, Shiho Kato and in-car announcement competition event Grand Prix

◉ Hiroshima Home TV "Coco! Brand New" "Antena" Appearance Grand Prix

◉ KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting (Miyagi Prefecture area) "I tried to sell Miyagi's specialty in a virtual live space" Grand Prix

◉ KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting Broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting! Home video campaign Image talent audition! First place

◉ Appeared on Asahi Television Broadcasting TV "Zaki Yamakoya" Yama Girl Audition Program

◉ 1st place on YouTube program "Hidetaka Kano's Song Neta Kingdom"

◉ FM77.7 “Go it! Cocky Music” May / June ED theme competition 1st place

◉ Chofu FM "I really want to shine!" CM narracion right acquisition 1st place

◉ SHIBUYA CROSS FM Assistant right 1st place




◉ Magazine "BLT" & "ENTAME" W appearance right competition by SHOWROOM AWARD2019 1st place


[Image girl / model]

◉ Movie "Jumanji / Next Level" Area Limited Ambassador Audition Grand Prix

◉ Terrestrial OA! Tokyo Comic-Con 2020 Online Official Supporter Audition Grand Prix

◉ "ROLL ICE CREAM FACTORY" 2021 Summer Image Model Final Grand Prix

◉ Korean hot dog "ARIRANG HOTDOG" image girl deciding match! Grand Prix

◉ "Tapioca specialty store Reicha Akihabara store" Image Girl Audition Grand Prix

◉ Rhythm adventure "Giraffe and Annika" official ambassador deciding match Grand Prix

◉ Hideaway restaurant "Bistro TERIYAKI Akihabara store" image girl deciding match Vol.2 1st place

◉ “Wado Raku Kimono Shop” Image Girl 2nd

◉ 2nd place in BAR Image Girl Audition with Penguin



◉ SHIBUYA109 collaboration project! !! Official next-generation river collaboration goods creator audition! !! Grand Prix

◉ Karaoke World Tournament KWC JAPAN 2019 Final SHOW ROOM Representative

◉ [Final] SHOWROOM Karaoke Performer Contest Grand Prix

◉ Sega "Puyo Puyo ™ Tetris® 2" release decision commemorative event! !! 3rd place

◉ Now is the time to look up. "Star Naming Rights" Competition Audition Vol.2

◉ You are the protagonist! Dotonbori Vision Advertising Video Broadcast Rights vol.11 1st place

◉ 1st place in the battle for the right to produce caricature illustrations and posters by Sayu

◉ I got an oversized teddy bear SHOWROOM !! 1st place

◉ Relax at home and change your mood with a new interior! vol.2 3rd place

◉ [June 24th is UFO Day] Candidate for your recommendation! Unconfirmed distributors are outbreaks! ?? Special Jury Prize

◉ Your wish may come true ...? Tanabata event from SHOWROOM ♡ Special Jury Prize

◉ Collect dreams and hopes! Treasure hunt event! Special Jury Prize

◉ SHOWROOM 7th Anniversary Special ② SR Singing King Decision Battle! Semi-Grand Prix

◉ [B / C / N / Amateur] Let's promote yourself on SHOWROOM official Twitter! 7 1st place

◉ Wrap yourself in a feminine dress ... Take a photo of your glamorous Ah (with hair and makeup) 1st place

◉ [3 days] This is the first event in 2021! New Year's present event from SHOWROOM 2nd place

◉ Hinamatsuri from SHOWROOM ♡ Female river appreciation event 3rd and 4th


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