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① Brand/Artist production

② Staffing

③ PR
④ Design (products, tools, stores)
⑤ IT support

⑥ Consulting

⑦ Copyright

⑧ Legal support

アンカー 2




Ben Sasaki


During the Shiki Theater Company, he was in charge of audition selection committee members and training of new employees.

After leaving the group, he established VOICE STUDIO.

Singing instruction for many talents and actresses including famous talented artists


Crown Tokuma Music Label "Orange Chime" Vice President

Representative of VOICE STUDIO


[TV appearance]

Appeared as a voice trainer who produced famous artists "Waratte Iitomo!"

"The Star" Mansai Nomura "" BS Premium (NHK) Mansai Nomura's "Voice Analysis"


[Main teaching students]

MISIA, Miliyah Kato, ET-KING, Keiko Matsuzaka, MEGUMI

Yusuke, Juliet, MAX, SPEED, Penicillin, Daisuke Imai, Safari

Eiko Matsumoto, Aya Ueto, HiPrix, Miho Karasawa, Kenji Kohashi, SABOTEN, Neo

Yumiko Shaku, Arisa Mizuki, Kai Ato, Ema Fujisawa, Eiko Koike, Midori Utsumi

Tokyo Shock Boys • Amika Hattan, Yoko Fujita, Flame, etc.

Guidance for many members of other Shiki Theater Company (honorific titles omitted)



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