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Screwdriver singer

Her sister of song


Winner of the 9th Children's Song Festival in Sakura Pia Grand Prix (Doyo Grand Prix)



⚫︎ Yomiuri Land Jewel Nation

⚫︎ Yomiuri Land Pool WAI

⚫︎ Yomiuri Land Sun Square

⚫︎ Tokyo Christmas Market

⚫︎ Tokyo Disney Resort & Official Hotel Sunroute Plaza Tokyo Summer Festival

⚫︎ Andersen Park Park Live Stage


[Image girl]

⚫︎ BAR Ikebukuro with Penguin


[Voice actor]

⚫︎ "Sleep support app official teller voice actor audition-a story to study-"

Official teller voice actor "string theory"



⚫︎ Chofu FM "I really want to shine !!" Guest appearance



Obtained a license as a kindergarten teacher, elementary school teacher, junior high school, high school (music) teacher


Asaga Sister ・ Song list sung

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