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Liver singer

​Classical crossover singer

Vocal unit Tensen 

Space Opera Carmen "HABANERA"

Major debut from Crown Tokuma Music


Although it is a type classified as a classical crossover, its essentially open musicality is reminiscent of the former Filippa Giordano. A woman with a variety of charms, such as a voice that does not lose its lightness, a sensibility that does not make you feel the boundary between pop and classical music, and qualities as an actor. I'm looking forward to the future flight. (CD journal)


[Ambassador / Image Girl]

⚫︎ Tokyo Comic Convention 2020 Official Supporter

⚫︎ Ushitaki Onsen Four Seasons Festival Ambassador

⚫︎ Bistro TERIYAKI Akihabara store image girl



⚫︎ Nippon Broadcasting Radio Charity Musicson KITTE (Marunouchi)

⚫︎ Nippon Broadcasting Event Yurakucho Sakura Festival

Christmas Hankyu Umeda Main Store / Festival Square

⚫︎ Yomiuri Land Pool WAI

⚫︎ Yomiuri Land Jewelmination

⚫︎ German Christmas Market Osaka

⚫︎ Tokyo Christmas Market

⚫︎ Disney Resort Sunroute Plaza Tokyo
⚫︎ Atsugi Ayu Festival / Atsugi Nanasawa Forest Festival

⚫︎ San Valentino Valentine Wedding

(La Cittadella Central Fountain Square)

⚫︎ Disney " Frozen " blockbuster commemorative event special live guest

(La Cittadella Fountain Square)

⚫︎ Summer Night Buffet

(Hotel New Otani Akasaka Lounge)

⚫︎ Disney & Christmas event

(Asunal Kanayama)

⚫︎ Yomiuri Land Cherry Blossom Viewing, Golden Week Event

⚫︎ Chiyoda Sakura Festival
⚫︎ Art appreciation party and many others


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